Finding the Right Signs for Your Store or Event

Advertising and communicating with business partners and customers is vital for any company or enterprise, big or small. Now, the Internet and television allow marketers to reach out digitally to many consumers across the United States or even the world, and there are many advantages to that. But despite that, physical outdoor signs have not lost any of their power; in fact, in some ways, business signs and commercial sign are more relevant than ever. Most often, businesses will make use of both physical advertisements and digital marketing alike, and a business may turn to a wholesale sign store to get the right supplies for the job. A sign store may provide wood, plastic, and metal parts or complete signs for a business client, and a new shop may want to find local sign stores for their advertising needs. When a business deals with a sign store, what might they get out of this deal? Are old-fashioned signs really so effective?

The Power of Signs

A great deal of time and money is dedicated every year to researching newer and more effective ways to reach out to customers and business partners, and the data shows that while the Internet is extremely effective, signs have retained much of their own power from pre-Internet times. Just for one example, research shows that the value of on-site signage is the same as 24 full-page newspaper ads every year, and many American consumers report in surveys that they often look at the signs around them while out and about. Even with the Internet around, people still go outside for business and leisure alike, and in a city or along the road, consumers are going to look at signs.

Business signs are more efficient than an average consumer might realize. After all, studies show that around 85% of a business’s consumers live within a five-mile radius of that business’s location, so signs there can reach out to a majority of intended customers at all times. A consumer living within that radius may see that business’s sign 50-60 times per week, plenty of exposure. Many drivers also report that they look at billboards by the road, which is often how they learn about local attractions as well as local political candidates. Such billboards offer ad space for rent, and they are often placed somewhere where there is not much else to see.

Buying or Renting Signs and Ad Space

It is clear that signs are effective at spreading a message to consumers, and they are very much relevant in American towns and cities. What should a business look for when dealing with a sign store to find the right hardware? For one thing, a business should bear in mind that only high quality, attractive signs will be effective. Not just any shabby old sign will do. Surveys show that most American consumers equate a sign’s quality with that of the business that put it there. A sign made from quality materials, and with an eye-catching and clear logo, may make a great impression and draw in many customers. By contrast, a shoddy, ugly, or confusing sign will probably drive most customers away.

There is more than one way to make a sign. When dealing with a sign store, a business may buy a sign made of plastic, wood, and metal, and the plastic front allows light bulbs inside to illuminate the sign in low lighting levels. Such signs can be placed right over a business building’s door, or perhaps on the roof if the sign is large. Some businesses, such as auto shops and fast food restaurants, often place their signs on top of tall poles.

Other signs may have electronic ad screens, or they may be glowing neon signs. Often, neon signs and displays are used by businesses that are most active at night, such as bars, nightclubs, and movie theaters. Such signs are kept off during the day to save power. Meanwhile, electronic ad screens are useful and eye-catching both day and night, and they can be programmed with animated visuals for just about anything. Such screens may be quite large in some cases. Scrolling marquees, meanwhile, are often used at schools or houses of worship, and can be programmed to say anything.


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