You’ve Heard of Lead Poisoning, But Are You at Risk?

Compression fitting

Lead, although a common substance, can be incredibly dangerous to humans. People can safely ingest other types of metal such as zinc and iron, but lead can be permanently detrimental to your health if it enters your body. It?s important to ensure that all metal fixtures in your home are lead-free to avoid letting even the smallest trace poison you or your family.
Depending on how much lead gets into your system, the substance can cause everything from mild stomach discomforts to reduction in your IQ and mental capacity. Essentially, it can change your entire personality if the mental deterioration is great enough.
There?s a distinct science behind why lead is so dangerous and the biochemical reactions is causes. In layman?s terms, lead basically interferes with important enzymes or biological reactions in your body. It can even damage your DNA and cell membranes. Your body isn?t used to this type of metal, and introducing lead to it causes everything to go awry.
How do you prevent lead poisoning? Avoid any metals, fixtures, or paints that use lead in them. If your home is older and you?re unsure if something contains lead, it?s best to replace them with a different, safer metal like brass. Older pipe fittings may have lead in them, which could enter your water supply after years of use. Lead free brass fittings are a great option for all your pipe repair needs.
Do be wary, however. Some brass compression fittings do contain some lead. Although the concentration of lead is less than 0.25%, it?s best to play it safe and look for compression fittings that explicitly say that they are lead-free.
Before you make any purchases, do your research and make sure the equipment you?re buying is from a reputable source and truly contains no lead. Anything under the 0.25% amount can be legally listed as lead-free, even though it still may have trace amounts.
Find the best brass fitting companies in your area to make your home just a little bit safer.


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