Working at Night is Sometimes Necessary, but How Can You Make Sure it’s Safe?

Portable construction lights

Working at night is sometimes a necessary evil, but injuries on the job at night are more than just an occupational hazard. Your job site should be safe at all times, especially if you’re working after the sun sets! With over seven million construction workers in the United States alone, So when considering working at night you should be keeping these three things in mind.

Follow OSHA standards

OSHA exists for a reason, and they have a strict set of lighting guidelines that every work site must follow for night work. However, these guidelines vary based on the type of job being done. For example, level one illumination is required for all work areas, such as lane closure setup and operation. Levels two and three are required for operating equipment and the installation of mechanical or electrical equipment. Portable light towers make proper lighting easy and readily available, so there’s no excuse not to follow these standards.

Use lights that work

No matter what, you should be using the absolute best construction lights available when working at night. If you’re not sure which type of bulb to use, LED is always a god choice. Not only are they energy-efficient, they often shine brighter and longer than other types of lights. In fact, good LED bulbs are proven to have a life span of 25,000 hours or more. Regardless of the life span of our bulbs, however, all of your lighting equipment should be inspected regularly to ensure it’s in working order.

Take care of yourself

Construction work lights can do a lot, but even the brightest construction lights can’t make you get an adequate amount of sleep to stay awake through the night shift. Making sure you eat properly and get an adequate amount of sleep during the day is crucial in your safety and success on the job site during the night.

Whether you’re a seasoned night worker, or just starting out, make sure you’re aware of all the safety measures that need to be taken to work in the dark!


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