Why You Should Consider Starting a Home Improvement Franchise

Restoration franchises

The home improvement business is booming. In the next year, approximately $107.6 billion is projected to be spent on home renovation projects. The industry grew 5% in the last year alone.

Starting a home improvement business franchise is a great investment option, especially if you’re savvy with tools and running your own business.

Check out these four reasons why you should consider taking advantage of the many home improvement franchise opportunities out there:

1. High likelihood of success: As stated before, the home remodeling business is highly lucrative and continues to grow as more and more people choose to remodel their houses — of the 130 million housing units in the U.S., 80 million are at least 30 years old and need renovation work. Also, because your franchise is a subset of a larger business, you are essentially benefitting from a tried-and-tested business model.

2. Brand recognition: When you take advantage of home improvement franchise opportunities, you’re creating a franchise that follows the company’s brand. Customers will recognize the brand and its products, meaning your store will have a built-in customer base as soon as it opens.

3. Free marketing: Your franchise’s brand will likely already have a marketing team in place, meaning you don’t have to worry about how to advertise and promote your business to the public — it’s already taken care of.

4. Opportunities for growth: One of the best things about home improvement franchise opportunities is that they don’t stop once you open a franchise of your own. When you own a franchise, you can build other franchise locations or purchase existing ones.

There are many home improvement franchise opportunities available to you as the home improvement business continues to grow. If you choose to start one, you will have your very own store to own and operate, which is something to be proud of. Take advantage of the many home improvement business opportunities available to you to get started on owning a successful home improvement business!

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