Why You Should Choose a Career in Real Estate

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In 2012, CareerBliss.com released a list of jobs with the lowest and highest happiness index scores based on reviews from more than 65,000 employees across America. Forbes used this information to create it’s list of the Happiest and Unhappiest Jobs in America. While associate attorney was the least happiest job in America, real estate agents came out on top, ranking as providing the most job satisfaction and fulfillment.

While the the housing and real estate market took a powerful hit during the economic and financial crisis of the mid 2000’s, resulting in plummeting real estate values, the industry has since made a strong comeback. In fact, it’s thriving. In many areas of the country, particularly the Southwest and heartland states, real estate companies cannot keep up with the demand to buy new homes. The region has experienced a rapid surge in population, as future homeowners are looking to buy new homes for less, in addition to securing high-paying jobs.

What does this mean for those considering a career in real estate? You’ll never be out of a job, and will have ample clients to support yourself. While many industries are suffering job losses due to advances in technology causing their positions to become obsolete, real estate agents do not have this fear or concern. Job security is priceless, and a career as a real estate agent offers that and more.

Aside from job security, a career in real estate provides intense job satisfaction, as you are helping people find the homes of their dreams. This gives you a sense of purpose and fulfillment, knowing that you played an integral role in another’s happiness.

Additionally, real estate agents enjoy a sense of flexibility in work hours and location. You are your own boss, so to speak, and are able to work from your home office when staging or showing homes. This is why many parents choose a career in real estate, as it allows them to work around the busy schedules of their families.
The financial gains experienced when working as a real estate agent are substantial once you become more experienced and build your professional network.

If you’re in search of career that is both financially and emotionally rewarding, consider a career in real estate and begin reaping the benefits!

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