Why You Need To Take A Pre-Retirement Transition Leave

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All good things must come to an end. For many people, retirement is joyous time, a time in which all the hard work they’ve done over their entire career has paid off, and they can finally enjoy the rest of their life.

However, retirement does come with it’s own set of challenges and facing these challenges can be a daunting tasking. This is precisely why pre retirement planning is absolutely essential in order for you to make this transition as smooth and as seamless as possible.

Pre retirement training allows you to take charge of your future by preparing you for this important milestone. Creating a pre retirement checklist is helpful in that it allows you to visualize your retirement goals, and have a sense of accomplishment once a goal is accomplished. Additionally, many people hire a retirement coach in order help them to better navigate this important process.

However, taking a pre-retirement transition leave can be especially helpful. But, what exactly is a pre-retirement transition leave and how can it help you reach your retirement goals?

A pre-retirement transition leave is a special benefit available to workers who have the desire to retire and also have a date in mind, but would like to slowly transition out of work. This allows workers great flexibility, in that they are able to work 3 to 4 days a week. Workers can take advantage of this option up to two years prior to their chosen retirement date.

Retirement is so much more than the end of a career, it is a total life and lifestyle transformation. It’s important to prepare yourself for the coming physically, emotional, and mental changes that come along with retiring, and taking a pre-retirement transition leave is the perfect opportunity to do so.
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