Why Were Chobani Buyers Angry? Three Examples of Bad Customer Service


Did you know that 86% of consumers will pay more to experience better or outstanding customer service? There are many reasons why employees should treat customers with respect and courtesy. Not only does it impact a customer’s perception of brand, but it can also impact how much money they spend, and the likelihood that they will become a repeat customer.

One example of a store that provides exceptional customer experience is Direct Buy, which sells furniture, appliances and other goods to members straight from manufacturers. How exactly does Direct buy rate against other companies? Here are three funny stories about bad customer service, as well as why this would not happen at Direct Buy.

1. The Angry Tweeter

Did you know that 13% of dissatisfied customers will discuss their negative experience with over 20 people? Earlier this fall, Hasan Syed was furious with British Airways after they lost his father’s luggage. Syed paid $1,000 to promote his tweets, which promptly turned into a viral story that many media outlets talked about. Apparently, the campaign worked and the airline apologized. The takeaway? Don’t ignore an angry customer, and at least apologize for the situation. Direct Buy responds promptly to concerns from customers and also offers a forum where members can offer tips to others.

2. The Unprofessional Response

In Seattle, Erin Bodreau, a customer of Postmates online delivery service, emailed a complaint to customer service. The CEO, Bastian Lehmann, told customer services reps to tell her to “F… off.” Unluckily for Lehmann, his customer service reps, in their reply to Boreau, accidentally forwarded this, with the results posted to Twitter. Although Lehmann apologized, this is an example of not approaching your business with a professional attitude, and the results this can have. This is why DirectBuy treats customers with respect and courtesy at every level.

3. Risky Products

This past month, customers flooded Chobani’s social media complaining about bad yogurt. Chobani found that a mold common to dairy products was to blame for the puffy, sometimes exploding, bad tasting yogurt that accounted for 5% of their stock during the period in question. However, consumers are angry that it took Chobani two to three weeks to pull the product after originally hearing widespread complaints. Great customer experience starts with looking out for the customer. If there is a manufacturing issue with your furniture or device, Directbuy will help make things right.

Do you treat customers with respect and courtesy? Let us know

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