Why Packaging Matters More Than Ever

If you walk into the typical grocery store anywhere in the United States, you’ll likely find yourself a little bit overwhelmed by the sheer number of products displayed on the shelves. After all, current estimations even show that there are actually as many as 20,000 different products found in the average grocery store alone – and all of these products must compete with one another to get the attention of the average shopper. From paper coffee bags to tea packaging to pet food packaging and beyond, there is no doubting the fact that the quality and style of packaging used is not something to be overlooked in terms of overall importance.

After all, the overall eye catching qualities of packaging can have a direct influence on what we buy – and if we become repeat customers. As a matter of fact, this is something that has been more than backed up by data gathered on the subject. This data shows clearly that simply paying more attention to the quality and design of the packaging used can actually increase the overall customer base by as much as 30% – nearly one third, which is certainly very impressive indeed by just about any means. And those who shop on line said that they would likely by a product again if the quality of the packaging the product was shipped in was particularly high – in fact, this was a true statement for more than half of those surveyed on the subject.

Ultimately, the information that is found on the packaging is even more important than the overall appearance of the packaging, something that holds true for everything from paper coffee bags to protein powder bags. After all, the information found on packaging can actually end up influencing around 85% of all final purchasing decisions. In addition to this, more than 60% of all shoppers found all throughout the United States will closely read all packaging before actually buying it.

Taking a look into the coffee industry provides a great example of why this is so very important. For one thing, it’s an incredibly large industry indeed, with more than half of all adults all throughout the United States consuming coffee on a daily basis – and more than three times a day, for that matter. But paper coffee bags must certainly contain a good deal of information, as coffee comes in many different varieties and strengths. For instance, all paper coffee bags and coffee products should disclose how much caffeine should be found in a serving. After all, the amount of caffeine can greatly influence which paper coffee bags and types of coffee someone buys, as many are quite sensitive to the substance and are trying to avoid it. Others, on the other hand, need all the caffeine that they can get – something that will still influence the type of paper coffee bags and coffee products they ultimately buy.

In addition to paper coffee bags and other like products, packaging can contain very important instructions for usage as well. As a matter of fact, pet food packaging makes this particularly clear, especially when it comes to canned pet food, which is quite popular for dogs and cats alike. After all, canned pet food must be kept at a stable temperature between 100 degrees Fahrenheit and 50 degrees Fahrenheit in order to remain safe for any given pet to consume. If the packaging for pet food did not have this type of information on it, it is all too likely that people would be accidentally giving their pets products that might now be unsafe for them. Therefore, it is clear to see just how truly important packaging can really be, from pet food packaging for canned food to paper coffee bags and the information that they contain. And the more clearly information is displayed on this packaging, the more likely people will be to purchase it.

All in all, we cannot underestimate by any means that important role that packaging plays in our purchasing decisions. This is not something for companies to underestimate either, of course, as improving the quality of their packaging can lead to a direct increase in sales for them.

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