Why Epoxy Flooring Is The Ideal Choice For Clinics, Industrial Environments And Hospitals

Epoxy flooring for assembly floors

Proper healthcare is cultivated from the ground up. Quite literally so. A clinic, hospital or emergency room needs to be designed as cleanly and efficiently as possible to be easy to clean and organize at a moment’s notice. As a result healthcare flooring is crafted using state-of-the-art materials that discourage the build-up of bacteria and encourage easy, efficient clean-up sessions. Cultivating the right preparation means choosing the right contractor, one that will give your maintenance personnel and architects alike everything they need to get the job done for future clients.

What Is Epoxy Flooring?

Healthcare flooring experts are well-versed in epoxy coating. The year 2014 saw the market for epoxy coatings estimated at more than 800 kilo tons, an almost unprecedented number even for the flooring market. Clinics and hospitals need to be spacious, smooth and clean at all times, standards of which epoxy matches with flying colors.

How Long Does It Take For Epoxy To Set?

Epoxy is not only convenient, it’s rather simple to mold and set. Epoxies are made up of two parts — the epoxy resin and the curing agent, both of which can be completed in a reasonable amount of time. In fact, the curing time for epoxy can even be decreased or increased by 100% if the temperature is raised or lowered by 18 degrees or so. The relative humidity test conducted for epoxy involves drilling holes and testing humidity at 40% depth of the slab, important for ensuring just how durable your set-up is in the long run.

How Long Does Epoxy Last?

Healthcare flooring often places durability and longevity as high as cleanliness. Depending on exposure to traffic (the difference between an emergency room and a hallway, for example), epoxy can last as little as five years and as long as 10 years. The calcium chloride test is used on different concrete surfaces to test for moisture build-up and can take anywhere from two and a half to three days to complete.

What Other Features Does Epoxy Have?

Epoxy coatings are durable, discourage the build-up of moisture and last for many years. Not only do they boast an incredible variety of positive elements in the demanding life of nurses and doctors, they can even create a more inviting atmosphere — epoxy flooring can bolster any given area’s brightness by 200%, perfect for keeping visibility steady no matter the time of day. Epoxy formulations have also been found to coat concrete well, considered generally non-volatile and highly resistant to both chemicals and daily abrasion. Should these sound like appealing qualities to have for your industry, an epoxy flooring contractor can help you get started.

Should I Contact Epoxy Coating Experts?

Epoxy flooring is used for all sorts of environments. Healthcare flooring, epoxy flooring for freezers and refrigeration and epoxy flooring for backrooms are but a few of the areas you have to choose from when choosing your ideal coating options. Epoxy can brighten a room, reduce the possibility of moisture and last for a long time. Even better, it can be installed in a relatively short amount of time and create the clean, reliable environment you’ve been searching for. Contact your local epoxy flooring company and see how they can transform your distribution center, hospital or loading bay today.

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