Who Security Guards Are, What They Do, and How They can Help You

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Private security forces have been recorded as far back as thirteenth century BC, and they flourished in Europe and Asia in the Middle Ages. Today, security guard agencies are just as relevant, if not more-so, in protecting property and preventing crime.

Security guards or officers usually belong to an outside firm and are paid to protect property, assets, or people. They enforce company rules and are often contractually obligated to act to protect their charges.

Though they serve very different purposes and operate differently than police officers, federal agents and military personnel, growing numbers of security personnel as high as senior management in the Australia and the US have prior police or military experience.

Security guards are required to be licensed, and management of this licensing is performed by the police, Justice Department, Attorney General’s Department, or the Department of Consumer affairs, depending on the state or territory. Each of Australia’s states and territories have separate legislation covering security activities.

Security guard agencies serve many different functions, one of which is access control at vehicle gates and building entrances, checking identification for employees and visitors before allowing them to enter the facility. This means that guards also serve a customer service role and should be personable and communicative.

Commercial security companies can protect your property and also the wellbeing of your employees, often leading to higher morale. Employees may be reluctant to come to work or distracted if they’re worried about an unguarded parking lot or questionable neighborhood, and hiring a private security company can be a great way to assuage their fears.

Insurance companies will also give substantial rate discounts to facilities with a 24-hour security presence, especially fire insurance carriers. Contact local security companies for more information on services and benefits.

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