Which Types of Agencies Need to Hire a Groundwater Remediation Contractor?

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It’s a fact that fresh water — especially used for drinking — is a limited resource on Earth. Fresh water only comprises 3% of all water on the planet, and much of that comes from groundwater. In the United States, 95% of fresh water comes from groundwater, which then gets used as drinking water for 40% of the population. To say that this water is essential to the population’s well-being is a huge understatement.

However, there are many risks that can occur when that water supply is threatened, and this extends to pollution of groundwater, too. Even if toxic chemicals or other substances enter the soil near an industrial plant or a mine, those substances can eventually penetrate the groundwater in that area. Chemicals, pesticides, volatile organic compounds, and even industrial sludge can all have seriously adverse health effects, and when they get into the water supply, those health problems can easily spread to whole towns and cities.

So what gets done about this problem? Today there are services that can offer groundwater treatment and dewatering in these areas. Mine dewatering systems and industrial wastewater treatment systems are used to address these environmental problems before they become a bigger issue. Dewatering isn’t so much the process of removing chemicals from water and wastewater but of removing the water from the waste. This process is typically completed by a remediation contractor.

Who uses these services? All sorts of agencies and companies might turn to a groundwater remediation service in order to minimize their impact on the environment. For instance, those who operate or manage projects for coal mines might need mine dewatering systems in order to make sure that their activities haven’t harmed groundwater. Environmental agencies may order groundwater remediation to clean up after an industrial accident or to ensure that various companies aren’t causing serious harm to the ecosystem.

These services ensure that everyone stays safe and healthy when it comes to access to fresh drinking water. Have questions about this service? Leave a comment below. References.

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