When Was the Last Time That You Ordered a Product and Requested Two Day Delivery Services?

Many people take for granted the fast and easy delivery methods that we have available to us today. At a time when one of the biggest online retailers is working on a platform to move from two day to one day free shipping options it is easy to assume that these options are easy to implement. The fact of the matter is, however, there is a vast system of transportation decisions that need to be seamlessly orchestrated for these quick deliveries. In fact, the latest research indicates that nearly 12 million trucks, rail cars, locomotives, and vessels move goods over the transportation network.

At a level beneath all of these deliveries, of course, is a complicated financial network. Predicting the costs of these next day deliveries and factoring those costs into the price of products means that there are many accountants and payroll managers. No driver, for instance, is going to wait to be paid for his services until an individual consumer receives a product or a large grocery chain receives the fresh produce that they have delivered. And while the trucking company itself needs to pay the drivers on a regular weekly or bi monthly basis, there are many times when the revenue for these deliveries do not come in until days after a product is delivered. To bridge the gap between the time when immediate expenses like truck driver salaries need to be paid and the time when a trucking company may receive payments from its customers, many companies rely on the services of advance business capital factoring companies.

Business Factoring Companies Provide Needed Funding to Businesses of All Size

Behind every dorm room comforter you order this summer and every back to school outfit that you buy online in the fall is a network of trucks, drivers, and accountants that must all be orchestrated. When a company finds a deadline for payment is approaching before accounts receivable has even send out the monthly bills, however, this orchestra can come to a crashing halt.
Business factoring companies, however, can help companies of all size navigate the difficult balance between receiving funds from customers and paying bills to creditors. In fact, the best advance business capital factoring companies enable many of the transportation businesses in the country balance the difficult challenges between providing the immediate services they need while at the same time waiting for accounts receivable to come due.
The latest research from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration indicates that nearly 5.9 million commercial motor vehicle drivers operate in the U.S. These services provide the same day and next day deliveries that we have all come to depend on, but it is often with the help of advance business capital factoring services. From local freight invoice factoring services to international factoring companies, there are many times when the financing behind a the delivery network is as complicated as the transportation boards.

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