What’s The Most Popular Ice Cream Flavor In America? Only One Actually Has A National Holiday

Summer is here. That means endless days at the beach, barbecues on the front porch and lots and lots of ice cream.

When you have a soft serve ice cream machine with the most popular flavors on standby? The warmer weather is going to usher in more customers than you can handle. This is why your Taylor ice cream machine needs to be carefully cleaned and maintained day in an day out. When you have a line of hungry customers filing past your building, the last thing you want is a sudden breakdown forcing you to direct them elsewhere. Soft serve has been a particularly popular option for its creamy consistency and delightful flavor, stacking up alongside gelato and frozen yogurt as the must-have treats of the season.

Keep your Taylor ice cream machine in working order by following these basic tips.

The History Of Soft Serve Ice Cream

Let’s brush up on a little history. Soft serve ice cream first came into popularity in the 1970’s and 1980’s, much different than many were used to due to its unique consistency. At first this ice cream actually posed a hygienic risk, with many people becoming ill after eating it due to the raw eggs used. Today soft serve ice cream has eliminated the raw eggs in favor of safer ingredients that still taste delicious. Your Taylor ice cream machine may be the talk of the town for months to come!

Fun Facts About Ice Cream And Frozen Yogurt

Did you know ice cream is among the top three items most missed by astronauts when they go out on their space mission? It’s not hard to see why, with ice cream and frozen yogurt often being the highlight of a person’s summer (or weekend alone on the couch). Dehydrated ice cream bars are often taken up to space for astronauts to enjoy as best they can before they can touch their feet back on planet earth. The United States even has a day specially dedicated to vanilla ice cream, in particular, on the 23rd of July…better known as National Vanilla Ice Day!

Popular Flavors To Always Have On Hand

Which flavors should you always stock to keep your customers happy? As you can see above, vanilla is one you absolutely cannot go without. Sweet enough to satisfy cravings while simple enough to go with just about anything, vanilla is a staple of many a Taylor soft serve ice cream machine. Strawberry, chocolate and pistachio are other popular flavors that should have a little extra stocked in case of emergency. Seasonal variants such as lemon sorbet and pumpkin ice cream can add a pinch of fun to your staple. When it comes to keeping your yogurt machine kept in working order?

Tips For Keeping Your Machine Working Well

Just like any machine your Taylor soft serve ice cream machine needs to be cleaned and maintained daily. That means delivering ice cream smoothly and neatly. While most ice cream products have a fat content between 10% and 18%, soft serve mix levels are anywhere from 3% to 6%. This means you have different needs when it comes to cleaning. Machines should be wiped down every single night without fail to prevent sugary, crusty build-ups that can keep ice cream from coming out properly. Any strange noises should also be inspected immediately to prevent an accident or energy loss.

Preparing For What Summer Will Bring

Your Taylor ice cream station is ready to go. You have popular flavors on standby as well as a few unique ones. You’re fully aware of the benefits of the warm season when it comes to your business. To put things simply…you’re ready for what the summer has in store for you. When given a choice consumers will choose a soft serve mix seven times out of 10 over hard ice cream, according to recent studies, for its ability to be eaten quickly and charming appearance. Retail sales of frozen yogurt and non-dairy ice cream has also seen a drop in the last few years.

Soft serve is where it’s at. Are your customers enjoying themselves?

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