What You Can Expect from a Machine Tool Distributor

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Today’s machine tooling has changed quite a bit from the way it looked in the past. While machines such as lathes have been around for hundreds of years, the manufacturing process has changed dramatically in recent years. Almost everything in major factories is automated, meaning that humans don’t actually perform many of the manufacturing tasks these days. And although many manufacturing companies began outsourcing to countries like China decades ago, there has been a renewed “reshoring” effort to bring manufacturing back to the United States.

These types of companies receive their parts from machine tool distributors, who manufacture everything from the major cutting tools for machines to the tool holders and collets to clamp those parts. Machine tools often operate on CNC equipment (short for “computer numerical control”), which is how manufacturing jobs are programmed and completed.

Those who are in charge of a factory may find themselves needing a variety of parts in order to complete a production. Here are some common types of tools a factory might order from a machine tool distributor.

    1. Tool presetters: Presetters are used to measure items before they are cut. They also set any other specifications for a job. Presetters are often considered necessary for any kind of shop to ensure accuracy and help workers stay disciplined.
    2. Boring heads: Any type of boring tool is a tool used to enlarge a hole that is already drilled into an object (or to bore a hole blind in one that hasn’t been drilled). Boring tools are used in a variety of different machines.
    3. Collets: These are a type of tool holder used to clamp cutting tools in place. ER collets are some of the most common type of tool holder. They are similar to a chuck that holds a drill bit in place.

A machine tool distributor can tell you exactly which parts you need and which parts will be compatible with your machine tools. Have more questions? Leave a comment below.

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