What is Stainless Steel and Why Use It?

Stainless steel is one of the most used terms in reference to metal products but few people ready understand what the term refers to. So what is stainless steel? By definition, stainless steel is a low-carbon steel that has 10% more chromium by weight. The presence of chromium compound in steel allows the carbon steel to resist corrosion. However, there is a more amazing aspect of stainless steel than just corrosion resistance. When carbon steel is enriched with chromium, it creates a film that initiates self-healing in the event of mechanical or chemical damage which proves that oxidation is present. This means that the more chromium present in the steel, the more enhanced the properties become. Adding nitrogen, nickel and molybdenum can further enhance these properties. There are many stainless steel uses but why do people prefer stainless steel products?

Uses of Stainless Steel
For obvious reasons, one of the advantages of using stainless steel is that it is non-corrosive. However, this is not the only advantage with regards to stainless steel uses. Ideally, there are different stainless steel grades based on the types of alloys used. The use of alloys in the production of stainless steel is what makes the resultant compound resistance to extreme temperatures. This allows stainless steel to be used across a number of industrial applications. While there are certain stainless compounds that retain high sturdily when subjected to extreme high temperatures. Others tend to maintain high mechanical properties at temperatures that are cryogenic. Reinforcement of carbon steel is done using different metal compounds such as nickel alloys or nickel aluminum bronze.

When you look at the construction industry today, you start to realize just how vast stainless steel uses are. Stainless Steel 304 is the number one most common grade of stainless steel. The sheer strength of stainless steel products is the reason why it is used in the building and construction industry. The aesthetic appeal further makes this compound a popular choice in the construction industry. Since there are different grades of stainless steel, it is possible to give the final product different finishes and looks that are aesthetically pleasing. The environmental friendliness of stainless steel is another reason why it is a popular choice among other metallic compounds. This is because; it is a 100% recyclable. Generally, new stainless steel often contain between 50-80% of recycled products.

Among most metallic compounds, stainless steel has a far long life cycle and can withstand the test of time regardless of its application. When in use, stainless steel is a low maintenance compound that is decently priced compared to other metal compounds of the same use.

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