What is CMA Software and What is it Used For?

Over the next ten years, about 80% of residential growth will occur in suburban communities. Almost 40% of home buyers as of 2017 come rom Generation Y and the Millennial generation and as time passes that number will only grow. With more and more people looking to purchase homes, it is important for realtors® to use the best materials available to find the best prices for their customers, both those looking to purchase a home and those looking to sell a home. When realtors® want to find the best price to buy or sell a home, they look at a comparative market analysis (CMA) to find the information they need. According to Investopediat, a comparative market analysis is an examination of the prices at which similar properties in the same area have recently sold for. This allows a realtor® to recommend to their client the best possible price at which to sell their home or the best price to ask for when buying a home. A comparative market analysis is not an official appraisal but the realtor does use similar methods when using a CMA to establish the value of a home.

CMA software is a type of real estate software that lets realtors create CMAs full of information that allow them to quickly present information to their clients. There are several types of CMA software available including Cloud CMA, House Canary, and Toolkit CMA. Each of these CMA softwares can be purchased for a yearly fee in exchange for a certain number of CMA reports. They are each easy to use and utilize CMA real estate templates to assemble the information realtors® need for their clients.

In conclusion, a CMA is a comparative market analysis that lets realtors® search the prices at which similar homes have sold in the same general area. CMA software lets realtors® create their own specific CMAs with information customized for each client. There are several kind of CMA software that realtors® can choose from and all are easy to use. CMA software is an immensely valuable tool for realtors® to use in their business.

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