What is a Virtual Office?

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The idea for virtual offices was born from the Information Age as a way to maximize productivity while cutting down on the overhead costs of a physical workspace. The rise of home-based and mobile business has created a never-before-seen demand for flexible workplace solutions, and the online virtual office is at the forefront of a new age in office management.

Virtual office services include professional live communication services, address services and virtual receptionist technology without a physical office space.

Many physical addresses provided when clients rent virtual offices are in high profile reputed areas in a city of the client’s choosing, allowing the client the benefits of such an address without the full cost of renting an office in that location. This also provides safety to people who run businesses out of their homes and don’t want their personal addresses broadcasted.

Mailing that goes to these addresses is opened by a handler, who scans the contents and transfers them electronically to users via cloud-based file storage. The physical mail is then shredded or retained at the renter’s request.

Users can also use their virtual office space to rent physical on-demand conference rooms as needed or maintain office space on a casual drop-in basis for their employees. Arrangements to use these services can often be made at short notice and feature daily, weekly and monthly rates.

For entrepreneurs and start-up companies, setting up an office can cost a great deal of money and take up valuable time that the business needs to get on its feet. A virtual office offers lower expenses without sacrificing a company’s professional image, and can also reduce a business’ carbon footprint.

International businesses can gain a local telephone number and address by using a virtual office, giving them a local presence even if their employees are on the other side of the world.

With the world becoming increasingly invested in the internet, the idea of paying for full-time offices may soon become outdated. If you think your business could benefit from virtual offices, contact a provider and find out what virtual package would best suit your needs.

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