What Impression Do Your Parking Lots Give to Your Customers?

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The community parade is always a success. Featuring local elementary school Boy Scout and Girl Scout troops, three high school marching bands, local politicians, and area businesses, the parade goes on for more than an hour. Many of the groups throw candy and other freebies. Street vendors walk between the parade entries selling their wares. In all, it is a community party that people have enjoyed for decades.
Three days leading up to the parade and two days after a fairly good sized carnival is also part of the community event. Rides, games, and concessions fill the block surrounding the center of the parade route. For once, the weather cooperated and the crowds were amazing. More people than ever before. More money spent. More prizes won and more ride tickets purchased. More trash, too.
Road Sweeping Services Make Quick Work of Big Event Messes
City parades, small town carnivals, street dances, company picnics, outdoor movie nights. Crowded parking lots and busy streets often need major clean up after well attended events. Road sweeping services provide cities and private companies a way to make sure that when the big event is over, nothing is left but the memories.
Road sweeping services, however, are not just used after big celebrations and planned events. They are also used for clean up after other events that are neither planned for and enjoyed. For instance, sweeper trucks are often a part of emergency clean up after floods, fires, and tornadoes. Once large bulldozers and other heavy machines get rid of large pieces of trash, street sweeper trucks are used to pick up the smaller items.
With high powered water pressure, street sweeping services can also be used to clean up liquids and other runoff chemicals. Some of the pollutants generated in urban areas that road sweeping services could help clean up include oil, grease, and other toxic chemicals from automobiles; nutrients and pesticides from gardening and turf management; bacteria and viruses from leaking septic systems; road salt solutions; and heavy metals.
And while the general public typically thinks of street sweeper rental services as being used to pick up items to get them off the street, the biggest advantage is in picking up these items before they enter storm water runoff locations. Any item or chemical that is cleaned up on a hard surface is an item of chemical that does not later need to be filtered out of important water supplies. In fact, consistent street sweeping programs can remove several tons of debris a year from city streets decreasing the pollutants in stormwater runoff. Keeping debris from making its way into storm water run off locations can also avoid flooding that is caused by clogged run off locations.
Clean Parking Lots Send a Positive Message to Potential Customers
A messy parking lot can send the message that a business does not care about maintenance. Trash left on sidewalks and parking lots are unattractive and can even be a source of unwanted bugs and small rodents. Companies and businesses that want to send a more positive message to their customers, however, schedule regular cleaning services like street and sidewalk sweeping. Most modern street sweepers are mounted on truck bodies, and are available in different sizes that allow for both sidewalk and parking lot cleaning. No matter what the size, street sweeping equipment has the ability to vacuum garbage and other spills.
The 9,224 companies currently offering road maintenance services in America are especially busy after the change of season. At the end of winter, for example, street salt and sand often accumulates at the edge and in the center of roadways. Street sweepers can make quick work of picking up the majority of these materials. Without the efforts to clean up this sand and salt, heavy spring rains can force this debris into storm water run off collection areas.
What do the parking lots and sidewalks that surround your business say to your customers? Are they clean and well maintained areas that tell of the pride you have in your property? If not, it may be time to schedule regular street sweeping services to come and visit your important business.

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