What Free Standing Sign Holders can do for Your Product

Customers are exposed to 3,000 advertisements every day on average. With this overwhelming amount of advertisements out there today, it can be hard to find ways to grab the consumer’s attention and get them interested in your business or product.

This is where free standing sign holders can help. Free standing signs are an inexpensive, easy, and effective way to reach consumers while they are shopping.

The cost for free standing sign holders that reach 1,000 adults for one year is between 3 cents to 37 cents. This is much lower than the cost of a 30 second commercial, which can be between $4.05 to $7.75.

Even though people may research a product online, 77 percent of consumers go to a store to shop. It has also been reported that shoppers make 82 percent of their purchase decisions while they are inside of a store.

This means that placing a clear plastic hanging sign, brochure display racks, or custom glass door signage inside the places where people shop is great way to draw them into your product.

The intrigue of the product’s display is the cause of 16 percent of unplanned purchases, as reported by a 2014 Mass Merchant Study. Creative retail display ideas are a useful way to utilize the convenience of free standing sign holders.

Whether it be indoor sign stands or outdoor pedestal signs, you will have no problem finding the right retail display stands for your product or business. That is part of the convenience that comes with this form of advertising; it is easy to put an ad wherever you may want it to go.

The fact that this form of advertising is less expensive than others that are available also means that you can choose a variety of forms and places to display the signs. You don’t need to choose between advertising on acrylic pedestal display stands or a window sign holder with suction cups because you can have both.

By choosing to use free standing sign holders, you are opening up a variety of advertising opportunities for your product or company. This form of advertising offers many options while being inexpensive, effective, and allowing for unique retail display ideas.

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