Vinyl Coated Fabric Offers Protection, Variety


When made with a soft feel, vinyl coated fabric can far outperform other materials, particularly in commercial settings. From medical offices to professional practices, vinyl coated fabric can be seen in the furniture that lines the waiting areas and in the chairs that fill the respective offices. Why? Because this great alternative to traditional upholstery repels more substances, from water and juice to blood and sweat. Because it wipes away clean and leaves no residue. And because it holds up to stains like no other upholstery.

With vinyl coated fabric, chairs can be given new life and seating areas can be more visually appealing. Because fabrics exist in an assortment of colors and in some cases patterns, eye-popping color can be achieved in a dull workplace. Splashes of color can brighten up a medical office. And festive colors can match up perfectly with the rest of a room’s decor.

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