Using a Foam Insulation Machine

A house or a public building needs all of its construction materials to be solid and high quality, and a building will also need all of its utilities in good working order at all times, and this includes the heating and air conditioning. And not only should the heating or air conditioning unit’s own machinery be in good shape and free of damage or dirt, but the rest of a building also contributes to how well or poorly an air conditioning or heating unit will function throughout the year. In particular, insulation is something that a homeowner should bear in mind. A building with drafty windows and doors, or walls or an attic with poor insulation will leak a lot of warmth or cool air during the day, and this will put a strain on the HVAC systems. However, good insulation can be put in place when a home or building is first constructed, and spray foam chemicals can be administered with a foam insulation machine to get the job done. A foam insulation machine may be big or small, depending on the size of the job, and crews can be hired to help use it and get spray foam insulation put in place just right.

The HVAC System

Insulation plays a major part of how well or badly the heating or air conditioning of a building will function, and this may directly impact both the electric bill and how comfortable (or not) the building will be. After all, for the average American home, 54% of all electricity in the home will go to the HVAC systems, so if that system is being overworked due to poor insulation, the electric bill will rise very fast, and no homeowner wants that. Conversely, if a home leaking air gets insulation such as spray foam insulation put in place, this can set things right and save power. For example, the EPA’s Energy Star Program has explained that adding proper insulation to stop air leaks (such as with a foam insulation machine), the energy bill can be reduced by as much as 20%. If enough commercial buildings improve their insulation with a foam insulation machine or a spray foam gun, even more money could be saved and on a massive scale. For example, if commercial buildings boosted their energy efficiency by 10%, a huge $40 billion could be saved. Similarly, all commercial and industrial buildings in the United States use $400 billion of energy per year, but this could be reduced with proper insulation in malls, schools, office buildings, and more.

This is where spray foam insulation products can help. Spray foam chemicals can be administered with smaller, handheld devices or larger scale projects can be done with a larger spray foam rig that is brought on-site with a trailer or in the back of a truck. For a larger job, the owner of a large building or house is encouraged to find and hire crews who specialize in this work, and they will administer the spray foam by appointment. Meanwhile, smaller jobs can be done by a business manager or homeowner, such as with a spray foam gun, and this small scale job can be done by just one person. Someone interested in such a product may find the equipment and chemicals in local or online retailers and get everything together. Spray foam, when working in conjuction with draft-proof windows and doors and a good roof, and a clean and working HVAC system, will mean that any public building or private home will be very energy efficient and save money per year, making all this a great investment over time. Spray foam can pay for itself given enough time.

Using spray foam also means following basic safety when working with such chemicals. Professional crews and amateurs alike are urged to wear eye and mouth protection when working with a foam insulation machine or other spray foam rigs, and eyes can be irritated by the chemicals, as can the lungs, but this is easy enough to avoid. Proper breathing apparatuses and even full-body suits can be worn when working with spray foam to keep everyone safe, and a worker will replace any damaged or worn out equipment as needed.

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