Top Three Pragmatic Benefits of the Canadian Health Care System

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There are a lot of benefits to the Canadian health care system, but there are a few elements that seem to be the most poignant as well as very representative of the system as a whole. Here are three elements that really seem to characterize the Canadian health care system:

1. It Covers Out of Pocket Fees

The most clear and evident benefit of taxes are that they allow the government to pay for all the out-of-pocket health care costs for job-holders with 100% pre-taxed dollars. Essentially, having a CRA Health Spending Account negates the worry that expensive medicines may empty your coffers or otherwise stress your pocketbook. It is a reasonable fee each paycheck, so it is very safe to think of it as an investment into a repository to pay health insurance companies in Canada for any external fees such as dental implants costs or the cost of lap band surgery.

2. It Covers All the Other Fees Too

A CRA Health Spending Account also encompasses the typical health care services in Canada which allows it to be mostly free. Most every service is performed by private entities and paid for by the government because people fund the government to do so, creating a much more calm culture around being injured. The emphasis is on healing the sick, not making a profit off of them.

3. It Also Covers Pharmaceutical Costs for the Needy

For any lingering pharmaceutical costs, they may be covered by the government as well, at least for the poor, elderly, or otherwise inconvenienced. The tax on the working populations’ income allows the government to take care of those who can no longer work or who are having difficulty finding work. What do you think about the Canadian health care system?

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