Top Reasons to Look Into Green Packaging

More than half of the people around the world make decisions about whether they will by a product or not based partially on packaging that illustrates a a brand’s commitment to making a positive social and environmental impact. More and more consumers are thinking about the ethics of a company’s products, such as whether clothing is made in sweatshops with poor working conditions, or if the clothing or other product is made in a place with better working conditions and a livable wage. If your business wants to win over consumers with ethical packaging that is better for the environment, you might want to think about switching over to green packaging.

Still not convinced? Here are some reasons why you should really think about investing in green packaging.

1. You’re doing a good thing

Aside from proving to customers that you are trying to make a positive impact on the world, you can actually just make a it a core value of your business. By choosing to use green packaging (clam cases, retail packaging, utility storage boxes), you are making a choice to help the environment and in doing so, not only does it look great to consumers, but you are doing a wonderful thing. Green packaging is packaging that has a low impact on both energy consumption and on the environment, thus making it a more sustainable option.

2. It is biodegradable!

Hooray! The green packaging you use to house your products for sale can continue to leave a great mark long after it’s been used for its original purpose. After a consumer no longer needs the packaging and they throw it away, it is biodegradable. That means it is made up of materials that can break down naturally.

3. You can appeal to new customers

If you’re looking to increase your customer base, you might be able to appeal to new customers who are looking for companies that are conscious of the impacts they have on the environment. By proving that you are invested in the Earth and its health and well being by using green product packaging, you might appeal to a demographic you did not consider before.

Millennials are especially aware of the companies they purchase from and what kind of stance they have on taking care of the environment and their workers. Since this demographic is so conscious of these issues of sustainability, switching to green packaging means you can probably appeal to this demographic as well, which is the largest in the market.

Do you know other companies that switched to green packaging? How did it affect them? Let us know in the comments below!

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