Too Busy to Clean the Office? Hire a Green Cleaning Service

Types of commercial cleaning services

How clean is your work environment? Whether your business is open to the public or just for colleagues and employees, it may not be as clean as you believe it to be. When you hire an industry specific cleaning service, however, you can be assured that they will do a thorough job.

While paper clutter is considered to be the number-one problem for most businesses, according to the National Association of Professional Organizations, when was the last time you cleaned your computer keyboard or mouse? While germs and bacteria may be lurking in those piles of paper, it’s even more likely that they’re proliferating at your computer.

A recent survey showed that one-out-of-ten individuals admit they don’t clean their keyboard. The same survey showed that 20% of the participants don’t clean their mouse. While these numbers may not seem that high, it may come as a surprise that 71% of workers surveyed believe they have become ill as a result of working in a dirty office space.

If you own or manage an athletic facility, were you aware that 88% of adults won’t work out there if they notice it’s not clean. Furthermore, 72% stated that they wouldn’t return to a gym if it smelled bad.

When ongoing or new clients see that your equipment is dirty, 71% of them won’t work out there at all. You may be surprised to know that 84% of health club members believe their club was clean. Hopefully, your club meets these cleanliness standards. It’s important to note that these health club members are perceiving their club is clean when it may not be. Germs and bacteria, after all, tend to be invisible.

If you’re looking for tips for hiring a cleaning service, it’s important to go-green. For home use alone, there are 17,000 petrochemicals available, and only 30% of these have been tested to determine their effects on human and environmental health.

Chemical-based cleaning products have been shown to increase indoor air pollution. As a result, indoor pollution levels can be up to 100-times higher than those outdoors. Fortunately, there are now eco friendly cleaning products that are used by green cleaning services.

When you ask yourself, “How clean is my work environment?” what is your first response? If you’re not sure, then it’s important to consider the benefits of hiring a janitorial service.