Throw an Office Chair Parade on Your Lunch Break

Executive chairs leather

Have you ever heard of an office chair parade? It’s en exciting way to boost team morale at work, and to get workers away from their desks for a while, for a little bit of a break. For an office chair parade, everyone decorates their office chairs as they see fit, and parade them through the building’s halls, or for the best office chair parade, take it to the sidewalks outside the building.

Anyone can participate in the office chair parade, regardless of what kind of chair they have: ergonomic computer chairs, executive office chairs, or even just cheap office chairs. Obviously the best computer chairs for the parade will be those with wheels, so that they can be easily rolled for the parade, but with enough ingenuity, you could probably make anything work.

There are many different ways you can decorate your chair, and you can decorate it up to the nines so that it’s no longer recognizable as a chair, if you wish. This is why even cheap office chairs will work, and in many cases, actually work better. You can paint the chairs with washable tempera paint, attach decorations and flags with safety pins, include noisemakers, etc.

Some offices go all out for their parades, making their chairs completely unrecognizable, and some keep it simple. Try to get a feel for what your coworkers are doing, because you don’t want to put too much work in only to find that the other chairs are simple decorated, but you also don’t want to have the “boring” chair in an exciting bunch!

You can make it a competition if you wish, awarding the best office chair and runners-up, or you can merely make it a fun office activity. Giving workers a fun escape from their work will make them more excited to come into work in the morning. Even the cheap office chair can become a beautiful throne for an office chair parade!

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