Three Ways to Optimize Your Brand’s Video Content for SEO

Video seo optimization

Using video for SEO content has been proven to be much more effective at generating links, page views and consumer engagement than any text-based content.

In fact, studies show that videos used as part of an SEO — or search engine optimization — campaign will generate an incredible 267% more links than traditional text content would. Even more amazing? The fact that 70% of Google’s top 100 searches contain video results.

So if your company already makes video marketing content, but you don’t know how to make its videos work as part of its SEO campaign, don’t worry — that’s where this quick, easy guide comes in. Here are three great SEO video optimization tips to help your brand integrate its video marketing content into its successful SEO campaign:

Always encourage traffic toward your site

YouTube is a great resource for brands hoping to advertise themselves, but it shouldn’t be the only place where your video content goes. Put short teaser-style ads on YouTube that will encourage interested consumers to visit your website. This will both drive up traffic and increase the viewability of your entire video content library.

Always use transcriptions

Video for SEO is highly effective, but not if search engines have no way to index or rank the video. Every video your brand posts to the web should have a transcribed, text version of its content as part of the video’s description, because a search engine algorithm isn’t yet able to listen to a video and transcribe its contents on its own. Video transcriptions can also be used again as the basis for future blog posts on your site.

Focus on providing something of value to the end user

Much like any other SEO content, your videos will be worth very little to the major search engines if they don’t educate, engage or entertain your audience. The best video content for SEO will solve a problem or offer up new information on your brand’s industry. Focusing on providing high-quality, high-value content to the consumer will also boost their level of engagement and encourage them to share your videos on their social media pages as well!

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