Three Ways to Make Better Window Displays

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Store window displays are one of the most underrated marketing tactics there is. They’re like mini-billboard for your business. Good store window displays can stop people in their tracks and pull them in, even if they’re busy. On the other hand, poor displays can turn people away, leaving a bad impression that will be hard to undo.

Instead of letting lackluster store window displays say the wrong things about your business, use these little tricks to rope more people in off the sidewalk.

Think, Plan, and Create Visually.

Before you set up your store window displays, you first want to do a bit of planning. One marketer likes to stick a line of painter’s tape on the outside of the window to show where people’s eye lines are. Arranging your display items there will literally put them where people can see. Another good idea is to hang things from the ceiling to an area around their line of sight. The key here is to create a focal point that people will naturally look at.

Get Wordy With Your Store Window Displays.

Having a special holiday sale? Got some new products you’d like people to try? Having a big event soon? Digital printing services can create excellent vinyl window graphics for businesses that want an easy way to tell people about a special event. It’s a simple, but effective tactic that can work in tandem with your store window displays.

Keep It Simple.

Cluttered store window displays are no good. You don’t want to shove all of your products in the faces of people walking by. Focus on a couple of different things that you want people to look at. When they go into your store, they can check the other stuff out. On the other hand, inundating your store display with one or two products could actually work. One or two items might not catch people’s attention, but a few dozen might. Of course, keep it limited to only one or two specific products, because (again) you don’t want the display to get cluttered.

With these tips, you’ll be able to stop shoppers right in their tracks, pull them in, and score more sales. If you have any questions, feel free to ask in the comments. Read more.


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