Three Ways the Right Equipment Can Enhance Efficiency in the Warehouse

Forklift battery changing equipment

Efficiency — getting more work done in less time — is one of the top concerns in pretty much every warehouse across America. When a warehouse is running at its most efficient, it can optimize its revenue in comparison to its costs, and will have a successful overall operation.

But did you know that achieving optimal efficiency in the warehouse can often be as easy as investing in the right equipment?

Here are the top three pieces of equipment your warehouse needs to get a much-needed boost in warehouse efficiency and ergonomics:

Lift table

At any warehouse, a lot of lifting of heavy objects is involved — and repetitive lifting throughout the day takes a major toll on one’s back, leaving personnel with back strain and injury that can be debilitating. For faster and safer lifting, a lift table is necessary — it can cut the time it takes to lift objects onto warehouse shelves by as much as 40%!

Forklift battery wash equipment

Battery wash equipment like a wash cabinet is one of the best ways to make the warehouse battery room more efficient. With a battery wash cabinet, the forklift battery washing process becomes faster, safer for personnel and will have less of an environmental impact. That’s why many warehouses have switched over to this equipment to do their battery washing rather than having personnel do it.

Tilt tables

Lifting isn’t the only thing that can take a toll on personnel’s health — repetitive bending down to reach objects in warehouse bins can also have an adverse impact on personnel’s musculoskeletal health. Tilt tables take these bins and tilt them at an angle so personnel no longer have to bend down to reach items down low. It’s also great for efficiency, cutting down the time it takes for personnel to reach things!

What are your favorite pieces of equipment for better warehouse efficiency? Have any questions about forklift battery handling equipment in general? Ask us anything in the comments below. Read more here.

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