Three Ways Signs Can Benefit Your Business

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You’re probably spending a lot of time these days worrying about the internet and how you can effectively market your business in the digital age. That can be equal parts complicated and beneficial, but if you’re overlooking your physical business space, you’re missing out on a really easy and important way to advertise. Here are three things that upgrading or updating the signs at your business is going to do for you.

Make your business visible
The first, most obvious, and most important thing that new signs are going to do for your business is make it visible. Signs for businesses that are located on site are not wasting your advertising dollars by suggesting your business to people who are necessarily in your geographic area. Out door business signs are going to draw people in right from the street.

Build brand identity
Another benefit of signs for businesses is that you can build your brand identity. Maybe you already have a logo or slogan. Add them to your sign design. People want to know your brand and be able to recognize it. You can increase brand recognition by 80% just by picking a color and adding light to a custom sign.

The last benefit of updating your business signs is that you can advertise. Choosing the right type of sign will allow you to customize and update your messages as you see fit. Once your new signs are up, that counts for advertising your business every single day of the year, which is tough to do with any other form of advertising.

Before you go crazy getting new signs you should make sure you check your town or city’s rules, guidelines and regulations about the size and style of signs you’ll be able to have installed.

What type of signs do you have at your business? Let us know in the comments.

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