Three Undeniable Benefits of Environmental Dry Cleaning

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Did you know that dry cleaning can be hazardous to your health? It’s true: traditional dry cleaning methods release a harmful chemical called perchloroethylene, commonly known as perc, into the environment through water, soil, and air. Perc, which is a solvent, is a potential carcinogen for humans, and it can be brought home on your clothing once you pick it up. However, there are solutions for those who want to reduce pollution: using an environmental dry cleaning service or eco friendly dry cleaners. By choosing environmentally friendly cleaners, you can be sure that your dry cleaning will have as little impact on the environment as possible. And there are plenty of advantages to these services.

Want to know more about environmental dry cleaning? Check out the benefits of this service below:

    1. It’s better for the planet: Eco friendly dry cleaning doesn’t use harmful chemicals like perc, which is the biggest advantage. Because perc produces a substance called muck, it gets disposed of in potentially toxic ways in our communities. Muck is also dangerous for workers to have to sort through in order to find excess solvent to reuse. By eliminating the process and disposal of muck, you can contribute to reducing pollution in the air, water, and soil in your community.

    2. It’s better for you: When you bring home dry cleaning, you might notice that it has a sweet smell. This is due to the perc solvent. However, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) found that this substance can also spread to the other clothing in your closet and disperse throughout your home, which is harmful to you and your family.

    3. It’s just like regular dry cleaning, but without the harmful risks: Dry cleaning using green methods can produce the same or even better results, so why not make the switch? By using different substances that aren’t pollutants, you can know that you are doing your part for the planet. Additionally, dry cleaning can be harsh on clothing. By using green dry cleaning, you can cut down on the pollution that you and others breathe in, and your clothing will look better, too.

Have questions on how environmental dry cleaning can impact you in a positive way? Find one in your area; they are increasing in popularity across the country. If you have other questions, feel free to leave one below in the comments section. Check out this website for more.


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