Three Tips for Hiring Top Sales Reps

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So, you want to hire a sales rep. Ideally, they will know your industry. They’ll be competitive, but still able to successfully work in a team setting. They’ll be focused on profits but not in a way that comes at the expense of great customer care. They won’t be either introverts or extroverts, but individuals who understand how to tweak their energy level depending on who they’re communicating with. Right?

Well congratulations — you and everyone else are looking for the same ideal sales representative. So how are you going to get the sales person that everyone else wants to — so that you’re not stuck with someone who will do okay, but never reach the sales goals that will propel your company forward? Here are three tips to keep in mind.

1. Consider the Full Range of What You Offer

When you’re inviting someone to join your company, the perks you offer are often what can make or break the deal. People don’t rank these things based on the actual value behind them, but rather, convenience. If you provide free Keurig coffee cups and to your employees, for example, it might cost you about $2 extra a day over normal coffee. But this type of convenience — and what it symbolizes — could net you an employee who doesn’t like the idea of bringing their own coffee to work each day. Making small changes to your environment can massively impact employee satisfaction.

2. Work With Executive Recruiting Firms

Hands down, recruitment firms work — they don’t make money unless they successfully match great employees to businesses. Although it will represent an expense for you, connecting with a great recruitment agency will mean you get the top-notch employees without having to spend extra time and effort to locate them. Post an opening yourself to LinkedIn, and you’ll be flooded with 300 applications that someone has to wade through. A great candidate can get lost in that process. Recruitment firms screen candidates so that you get people that would be the right fit for your team.

3. Don’t be Wowed by a Strong Personality

There’s an ingrained idea in our society that the best sales people are the ones who are highly personable — the people who can walk up to a stranger in a room and start a great conversation. While this is a useful trait, it’s not the only thing that matters. But, it can also overshadow other considerations during the hiring process. Instead of being wowed by a strong in-person presence, take a look back at the hard facts. In their previous position, did they go above and beyond performance goals set for them? These are the things that matter.

Are you thinking about using a recruitment firm? Let us know in the comments. For more information, read this website.

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