Three Tips for Finding the Right Private School Cleaning Services

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Are you needing private school cleaning services? When you are shopping for private school cleaning services, you might seriously have your work cut out for you. The needs you have for private school cleaning services are different than most commercial cleaning services. When your environment is used by children for long periods of time, you have more stringent cleaning and sanitation demands for health and safety purposes. Not to mention, kids are gross. Your private school cleaning services will have to clean messes they probably will not come across in any other line of work.

In fact, the requirements for private school cleaning services are different than the janitorial services that public schools use. Since private schools are not publicly funded, the cost of the contract will have a big impact on the rest of the school’s budget. Additionally, private schools vary widely in size. Some cleaning services who work with public schools aren’t able to scale down or up to meet the needs of a private school, within the budget limitations they have.

So back to our original point. If you are looking for private school cleaning services, you should keep on reading. We’ve put together a quick guide to finding the right service for your needs.

Three Tips for Finding the Right Private School Cleaning Services

  1. Customer Service

    Even the best cleaning service in the world isn’t telepathic. They can provide a great cleaning service, but you’ll have to give them direction and fine-tune it until you get into a routine. You’re going to be working closely with the cleaning service you use, while they come on board, and through out your professional relationship with them. If you have a question or concern about the service they provide to your school, you need to have it addressed right away. A good way to ensure that you use a service that is proactive about keeping you a happy customer and responsive when you need them to be is to call a few times with various questions. Beyond just getting the answers to the questions, pay attention to how consistent the answers are. Are you getting different information from each person you talk to? How long does it take for someone to get back in touch with you? Go through this process with a couple different janitorial services, and you’ll quickly be able to distinguish the “good” from the “bad” services.
  2. Pricing

    One of the questions you should ask while scouting out janitorial services is for pricing information. If the service provides you with a dollar amount over the phone, without scoping out the facilities, you should be very concerned. If they can stay in business without sizing their prices based on the amount of work they’re doing, they are either going to overcharge you, or they’re losing money and won’t be in business long. A good cleaning service will come and analyze the areas that you will need cleaned and then price it accordingly.

    Also, while collecting bids for your cleaning service, you want to make sure that you get a detailed description of what the pricing includes. This bid should include the following information:

    • A list of the services that will be provided.
    • The supplies that will be used (and if they are included or not).
    • The frequency of the services that are provided.
    • The number of employees who will be on-site, and for how long.

    There should be no surprises on the bill you get after the contract is signed, because you should have received it all in advance.

  3. Referrals
    Every cleaning service you talk to is going to try to present themselves in the best light possible to get your business. Even if they seem great, they may or may not actually live up to the presentation they give you. However, if the service has years and years in the business, and a long trail of happy clients behind them, it’s a very good sign that they’ll provide great quality of service to you as well.

    Make sure to ask for referrals from other clients who have facilities and cleaning needs similar to yours. It’s even better if they’ll offer you the contact information from other similar customers, so you can talk to them yourself, and ask about their experience.

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