Three Things Printing and Mailing Services Can Do for Small Business That Online Advertising Can’t Always Do

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Today’s advertising has turned away from print media in favor of great website design, small business SEO, and social media marketing. While these strategies work well for independently owned businesses around the country, they don’t always provide the personal touch of print advertising.

Print advertising companies do more than just come up with a catchy slogan or great logo — they also provide printing and mailing services for your direct mail campaigns, newsletters, printed brochures, business cards, and more. Here are just a few of the advantages that a business could see when using a printing and mailing services company rather than relying solely on their online campaigns:

    1. Personal connections with consumers: What’s more personal — in business, at least — than receiving mail with your name on it? Sending a newsletter by email or posting it to a blog can be beneficial, but at best, it will get skimmed by most customers. A printed newsletter or other information about in-store promotions will give customers the chance to look it over at their leisure. Mailing advertisements can also help business owners reach the customers that don’t always check their email.

    2. Targeted promotions for loyal customers: Many businesses use loyalty points or other methods to keep their customers coming back. These methods can ensure that customers continue to spend money with that small business. By sending out direct mail pieces with coupons or other promotions to a certain set of customers, business owners have the ability to increase sales and foot traffic in-store.

    3. Information customers can look over any time: Customers who are told to “go online” to look for more info may be apt to forget and put it off until later. They may lose the business’s URL or experience some other mishap. Business owners can instead give customers a brochure, business card, and other materials that can be used any time, whether or not that customer has an internet connection.

Overall, small business owners shouldn’t rely solely on print or online advertising; having a healthy blend of both, however, can produce excellent results and draw in a wider range of customers. Have more questions about using printing and mailing services for small business advertising? Get in touch with a print advertising agency and leave a comment below.

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