Three Reasons Why Making a Used Item Donation is So Easy

Disabled veterans donations

More people are making donations for non profit organizations. Sometimes these charities collect on behalf of families in need or collect clothing donations for veterans. It is now easier than ever before to make a donation to an organization. Here are three ways that individuals and their families can help make contributions ensuring non profits can keep helping those in need.

Donations for Non Profit Organizations Can be Almost Any Item

Many organizations collect everything from coffee makers to unwanted clothing. Household donations are popular, since they allow individuals to get rid of things they do not need, or have duplicates of. These donations are sometimes either given directly to those who have a need for them, or they are sold at the non profit?s thrift store, and the proceeds go to help fund the needs of individuals who could otherwise not afford certain items. Either way, it allows families and individuals to clean out their homes and their closets, while giving to a worthwhile cause. Since most American families get rid of over 60 pounds of household items every year, from clothing, kitchen items, and furniture, to even bed sheets, this is one of the best options for helping an organization by repurposing unwanted items.

Many Organizations Allow Individuals to Drop Off Items Easily, or Will Come to Their House to Pick Up

Some people might want to donate, but are unsure how. Thankfully, there are many charities that offer clothing drop off, which allows individuals to go to a specified location and drop off the unwanted items. Later, someone from the charity will stop by to pick those things up. Alternatively, many organizations also offer donation pickup, which means they will come out to the donor?s house and pick up the things they wish to donate. For older individuals, or people who do not find it easy to leave their house, this might be a better option. Sometimes they will come directly to the door, and other times the charity will ask for things to be left near or around the curb for easy pick up. Donations that pick up at home are becoming more popular, and thus common place.

Donations Can Be Written Off for Tax Purposes, No Matter How Big or Small They Are

Anything that an individual donates can be written off for tax purposes. For example, if someone donates an overcoat, that would be about $50 they could write off for tax purposes. A coffee maker could be anywhere from $5 to $15. Everything that is in decent working condition is of value and can be donated to charity. Individuals can get a receipt from the organization they donate to, and save this for tax purposes so they can write off the total amount come tax time.

There are many benefits to making donations for non profit organizations. Everything from clothes donations to household items are usually accepted, and this can help people declutter their homes. These items can be written off, and many organizations offer either a drop site, or will send someone out to pickup the items.

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