Three Reasons to Donate Clothing

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Most of us will never have to worry about where our clothing will come from or how we will stay warm this winter. If we need something, we go to the store and purchase it. If we are cold we turn up the heat at home. But for many Americans, there is much uncertainty in the winter months. They don’t know where to get more clothing, can’t afford to buy it, and don’t have a home let alone the ability to just turn up the heat. There are many centers and programs that are always looking for donations, especially during the coldest months of the year. If you are wondering where to donate household items or when to donate clothes, look into programs that can help properly redistribute the items you no longer use. Here are three reasons to donate more clothes.

1. The holiday season and the winter cold are approaching. Nearly 43% of respondents to a survey give more during the holiday season. An additional 44% say they donate the same amount during the holiday season. Whether your motivation is to help the ones down on their luck or you are just looking for a tax break, your donations matter to the organizations looking for donations. Your donations will be redistributed to people in need and can help keep someone warm this winter. You will not notice if you have one less shirt, but someone else might really appreciate having one more.

2. Recycled clothing is often worn again. When clothing is recycled, nearly 45% can be used as secondhand clothing. People are wearing the clothes that have been donated and it makes a direct impact on their lives. They are using that clothing to keep warm and to keep their children warm. In order to donate clothes, contact a local clothing donation program and see if they can pick up clothing donations. Some organizations provide this service, especially if you are donating a lot of clothing.

3. Clothing and other textiles can be recycled. Regardless of quality or condition, nearly all of household textiles and clothing is recyclable. If they are not able to be worn, they can serve other purposes. Clothing and other textiles are nearly always recyclable. They can be used again in some way. Since they can be used again, recycling will help keep textiles and clothing out of the landfills.

Many programs are looking for donations of clothing and household items throughout the year. There are always people that need the extra help. No matter your reason for your used clothing donation, it will be put to good use and it will be appreciated. There is no reason not to donate, especially since some organizations offer to pick up clothing donations and convenient clothing drop off locations. Helping families in need is important. Hopefully, you will never be in the position where you must rely on the kindness of strangers. But if you someday find your self in such a position, won’t you feel better knowing you gave while you could? Contact a local program looking for donations of clothing today.

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