Three Key Things to Remember When Configuring Your Forklift Battery Charger Storage

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The forklift battery room is one of the most vital places within any warehouse environment. Within this area, all the charging, washing and watering of forklift batteries takes place on an everyday basis.

And because so many different tasks are performed within the battery room, there is plenty of equipment that must be stored and organized whenever these tasks are finished. Correctly storing battery charging equipment makes your battery room more spacious and productive.

Proper storage of your forklift battery handling equipment doesn’t just help increase floor space — it’s necessary to comply with OSHA’s battery room safety regulations. Here are three things every warehouse manager or operator should know about properly configuring forklift battery charger equipment storage for optimal warehouse organization:

Mount all charger stands securely

OSHA requires that all forklift battery charger stands be securely mounted on shelves or stands with all four corners supported to prevent them from falling. When forklift batteries weigh about 2,000 pounds, your chargers should be well-secured against falls, preventing a number of dangers in the workplace.

Stack chargers with caution

A good way to cut down on space usage in the battery room is to stack your battery chargers; however, it’s crucial to follow all manufacturer instructions when stacking these chargers. Otherwise, you could end up improperly stacking them, compromising personnel’s health and safety.

Make safety a priority

OSHA requires that all battery rooms be equipped with adequate ventilation to prevent hazards to personnel safety. Space charger stands far enough apart to allow for this ventilation and air circulation, as forklift batteries generate hydrogen gas when they charge. Additionally, be sure to position your forklift battery charger stands so that the charger DC cable leads are able to connect to the forklift batteries themselves.

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