Three Considerations to Make When Searching for the Perfect Binder

Perfect binding machine

Anyone who is in the process of having items bound knows that there are many different ways to do so. Even in the era of ebooks and reading material online through Kindle and other mediums, many people still like to read a physical book. Reading things that are physically on paper or some other form that readers can touch is popular, and almost 60% more interesting to readers of all ages, pulling them in more than reading about something online. There are many different ways of having materials bound, which can make a difference to readers. Here are three considerations to make when searching for the perfect binder.

There Is More Than One Way to Have Something Bound

Anyone who is considering binding should be aware of all the options that are available. This include the use of a wire binding machine, or even coil binding machines. Wire binding machines might be handy for smaller books, or those that do not have as many pages. Coil binding, particularly plastic coil binding, can be used on textbooks, workbooks, or other things that might add up in weight. It is useful for workbooks and journals, since it allows the page to lay flat, and the individual can write and use the book easily. Plastic coil binding has been popular for over 40 years, and continues to be essential as a binding material.

Machines Take a Lot of the Guesswork Out of Binding Books and Text

Thanks to the advent of machines, they take the guesswork out of figuring out what types of materials can be bound. Many years ago, all binding had to be done by hand and with the use of a roller machine to spin the pages onto the binders. Today, there are automatic coil binding machines and wire binding machines. For those that are having materials printed, this also means that more can be bound per hour, versus having something bound by hand.

E-Readers Have Not Taken Away the Need for Printed Books, Making Them Still in Demand

Even with the advent of e-readers, many people are still turning to printed books. In 2016, the need for printed books grew over 3% from the year before, showing an increasing trend in the desire and demand for printed material. Over 60% of Americans turns to printed books first, with less than 30% going for ebooks. This shows that the market is still there for bound books.

Any company or individual who is looking for the perfect binder does not have to question if there is still a need for binding, since more people than ever are still consuming printed material over something they can read online. Automatic wire binding and coil binding machines have made it easier to bind more books per hour, helping to increase sales for publishers. Finally, there are many different options to bind something. Between coil and wire binding, it should be no issue for one to find the perfect binder as they create a book to be ready for sale.

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