Three Benefits of Hiring a Street Sweeping Service For Your Parking Lot

Maryland street sweeping

Since the dawn of modern civilization there has been a need to keep public areas looking neat and tidy. As population density increased the need for cleaning services became a higher priority. The first street sweeping machine was invented and patented by American C.S. Bishop in 1849. The modern street sweepers of today are mounted on truck bodies and have the ability to vacuum debris in the street, making for cleaner, more beautified urban areas. For businesses and cities looking to invest in quality street sweeping services, consider the following three benefits of hiring a street and parking lot sweeping company.

The Health Impact of Dirty Parking Lots

A dirty street or parking lot not only looks unappealing to the eye, but also can harbor a number of potentially harmful pathogens that have the potential to harm or even kill someone. It is estimated that parking space related pollution in the United States amount to between $4 billion and $20 billion annually in health and environmental damages to society caused by air pollution alone. Employees and customers who become sick at a business may want to take legal action against the business for failing to maintain a healthy atmosphere. Contact a professional parking lot sweeping company in your area to avoid legal fees and the chance of making someone sick.

Improving the Environment

The mechanical drippings from our automobiles, coupled with spills and other forms of pollution pose some serious threats to our environment. Oil, grease, and toxic chemicals are all examples of the kind of pollution found in urban areas. Run off pollution from roads and highways also include heavy metals and pesticides; the run off can drain into a body of water and negatively impact the entire ecosystem — if the water is a source of clean drinking water for people then there can be a number of adverse affects from this run off. Parking lot sweeping services can safely remove this run off pollution, helping to lessen the negative impact of modern transportation on the environment.

Attracting Customers

Many businesses find that an added benefit of hiring parking lot cleaning services is the surge of new customers thanks to a cleaner image. Up to 90% of modern consumers stated that they do not feel safe shopping in an area with poorly maintained streets with over half of all consumers stating that the state of a business’ exterior says a lot about them. Experts believe that a well maintained parking area and sidewalks are the keys to attract new customers as many people consider exterior cleanliness to be an important indicator of interior cleanliness. Furthermore many businesses are adopting a green model to lessen their impact on the environment; this green movement helps to draw in environmentally conscious consumers who consider it very important to invest in services that improve the environment. By investing in a regular street cleaning service to help your parking lot look better, your business can simultaneously contribute to the future health and success of our planet.

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