Three Benefits of Having a Clean Office

Professional cleaning service

Although many employers consider having an outsourced cleaning service to be a necessity, they may not realize there are several benefits to their employees as well. A cleaning company does more than make the office look presentable. When they do their job right, a cleaning company can also help increase employee productivity by keeping germs at bay. Read on to discover how.

A Clean Office Makes for Healthy Employees

Employee sick days can cost companies over $225 billion dollars per year. This not only hurts profits, but it leads to a 54% loss in productivity. Keeping this in mind, it should also be noted that desks and other hard surfaces can harbor as many as 10 million bacteria. Another factor to consider here is that 21,000 germs can occupy desks, keyboards and other office equipment on a daily basis. Having someone come in every night or week after employees leave for the day cuts down on illness by preventing further spread of germs. Since this is outsourced, work time is not disturbed. Furthermore, by not having someone on staff clean, this cuts down on the spreading of germs if they choose to come in to work sick.

Cleaning Occurs When the Work Day Is Over

There is no need to worry about employees trying to work around cleaners as they come in. Commercial services more often than not operate second or even third shift. This is beneficial since there are no distractions during the busiest part of the company?s day. Cleaners will also be able to effectively reach surfaces that were most in use earlier. Since at least 50% of individuals snack at their desk during the work day, it stands to reason that an outsourced cleaning service is the most effective way of ensuring a truly clean and sanitary office.

Clean Offices Boost Employee Morale

Employees feel more confident and proud of their work when they start their day out in a clean office. Similar to how no one wants to come home to a dirty house, an employee who starts their work day out in an office that needs to be tidied may feel unappreciated and even overwhelmed. Having an outside janitorial company come in permits employees to focus on their own work. It also creates a professional environment for when a client might visit unexpectedly.

A janitorial service can provide a great deal of assistance, not only in keeping an office looking spotless, but also by ensuring employee work areas stay as germ-free as possible. This in turn helps maintain company deadlines. Because of this, costs associated with hiring an outsourced cleaning service are outweighed by the many benefits they provide to a business.

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