Three Benefits of Custom Packaging Boxes

Branded packaging

You don’t want your business to be the one that misses out on an influx of customers because their packaging doesn’t stand out. The benefits of choosing recyclable custom boxes for your business has a wide impact on the world, not just your business. Not only will you enjoy increased attention from potential customers with customized, recyclable packaging, you will likely feel great knowing that you are helping the environment! Whether you prefer custom printed packaging or custom product boxes, it’s important to make your brand have a sense of visual appeal for the customer. Here are three important benefits of choosing custom product packaging as your next business decision.

  1. Displays that Catch Every Eye – Many business owners are creating great products everyday. However, one aspect that gets left out of certain companies is effective marketing, especially in how they package their goods. You want your product to stand out in situations where it will be competing for the attention of the customer. Whether you plan on placing a display on a counter or you have your sights set on much larger displays, choosing the right custom packaging boxes can make or break how your product looks to others. An effective point of purchase display is always behind that impulse buy (or two) that we are guilty of making. In a recent issue of Packaging Digest, research was presented showing that customers make purchasing decisions in five seconds; to put it another way, the design of your custom packaging boxes matters!
  2. Peace of Mind with Every Order – Using standard shipping boxes can lead to the worry and frustration that comes with a missing shipment. In the age of social media, one complaint by an angry customer can be seen by the entire world. You don’t want your business to receive a bad review because it uses inferior shipping boxes. Customized packaging doesn’t ensure you only have strong boxes, you can also advertise your brand on the box. Branded packaging can greatly improve brand recognition over time. Some of the largest brands in the world know the importance of custom logo boxes. Retail packaging is always evolving, specialty packaging ensures that your business doesn’t fall behind the curve.
  3. Helping Save the Environment – In addition to the visual flare that custom packaging boxes will give your business, you’re also doing your part to be environmentally conscious. One ton of cardboard being recycled saves over nine cubic yards of space in a landfill. Custom packaging boxes don’t just make your business stand out, corrugated boxes made of recyclable materials help reduce your overall environmental footprint. Most corrugated recycled packages contain 46% recycled material, these boxes have a low environmental footprint on greenhouse gases, acidification, and non-renewable energy.

In closing, the benefits to choosing custom packaging boxes can have quite an impact on a business. In retail, the eyes of a customer are always being drawn to a wide array of products. On a retail shelf, it often comes down to which display catches the attention of a customer the most. Once they are drawn in to the right display, that company has just potentially landed a customer’s business. Choosing custom packaging boxes that are made from recyclable materials is a smart choice for your business and the environment. Companies that do what is possible to reduce their environmental footprint are greatly respected in the eyes of a customer. When choosing the packaging the represents your business it’s always a good idea to stand out from the rest!

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