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Facebook recently purchased another small business, adding Finnish company ProtoGeo Oy — and developer of mobile application “Moves” — to its repertoire. CEO Mark Zuckerberg is easily capturing marketers and SEO companies’ attention, and many are puzzling over the young billionaire’s exact intentions. What is Zuckerberg trying to do, and how can SEO services learn from it?

Zuckerberg Takes a Closer Look at Consumer Interests

Since its launch, consumers all over the world have downloaded fitness-tracking app “Moves” up to 4 million times! Once downloaded, the app records distances walked, jogged, and ran. “Users can also manually enter data, and Moves says it supports more than 60 predefined activity types,” Apple Insider reports. Although many believe that Zuckerberg aims to capitalize on a rapidly growing fitness technology market, others believe this is simply not true. The free application, BBC suggests, enables Zuckerberg to gain a better understanding of consumer demands and interests — and helps him develop Facebook ads that are more relevant to consumers (and ultimately more profitable). Moreover, the recent purchase helps Zuckerberg’s empire stay current and trendy, and it also adds to its diversify. (The leading internet CEO now owns Facebook, WhatsApp, Oculus, and ProtoGeo Oy/”Moves.”)

Why Being a Copycat Will Only Help You

What can — and should — marketers do to take a page out of Mark Zuckerberg’s book? Diversifying internet marketing tactics and remaining as current or immediate as possible is absolutely critical. For the best results, always diversify SEO and PPC campaigns. For example, combine PPC campaigns with SEO, content marketing, email campaigns, retargeted advertisements. Keeping tactics diverse will help you make profits — even if there are one or two bumps along the way. Similarly, keeping tabs on any algorithm updates or outdated internet marketing schemes will help you spend wisely and attract the most customers.

Learn a thing or two from a multi-billionaire. Keep internet marketing strategies and SEO packages as successful as possible by diversifying tactics and staying as current as possible. More research here.

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