The Top Three Tips and Tricks for Better Forklift Battery Washing

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Forklift battery handling can be a complex, multi-faceted job at any warehouse. From observing all the right safety precautions to making sure each forklift battery is correctly charged, it can be a difficult task to make sure every forklift battery receives the best care.

No matter what, it’s always essential to properly and regularly wash all forklift batteries in the warehouse. Doing so can result in numerous advantages like extended battery life.

Want to be assured that all your warehouse’s personnel know all they should about forklift battery washing? Here are three of the best tips, tricks and pointers for better forklift battery washing and forklift battery maintenance:

Pay attention to water

The water that comes into contact with the forklift battery during the washing process is a crucial factor in whether or not the battery will be washed properly. Personnel should only wash forklift batteries with a mixture of baking soda and distilled, non-mineral water. The same distilled water should be used for watering the forklift battery after each charge, as well.

Wash each forklift battery once yearly

During daily use, the lead-acid components of a forklift battery react with another and produce a white crust on the battery’s exterior over time. To prevent excessive buildup of this sulfuric crust on your warehouse’s forklift batteries, be sure to have each battery washed about once a year. Doing so will improve the battery’s ability to hold a charge and make it last longer in the long run.

Consider investing in a battery wash cabinet

While it’s possible to wash a forklift battery by hand, it can be dangerous for personnel — as they come in contact with the corrosive chemicals of the forklift battery. By investing in equipment like a battery wash cabinet, the forklift battery washing process becomes quicker, more efficient, safer and more environmentally responsible.

What are your thoughts on forklift battery management? How do you enforce it in your warehouse? Share with us by leaving a comment below. Helpful links:

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