The Rewards of Nonprofit Jobs

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It is often commonplace to hear people complain about their jobs. In truth, however, a job is security, peace of mind, and the capability to provide dinner for the evening — many of us take our jobs for granted, but the unemployment rate is still as high as 5% in the United States. Around 51% of workers with a current job are either actively seeking, or open to new employment opportunities; in total this means that around 71% of all workers are “on the job market”. Many nonprofit jobs are available, yet require a specific type of candidate depending on the position — here are some of the most effective ways to meet up with nonprofit job recruiters.

Digital Recruitment

The internet has changed the way we look for jobs: up to 30% of all Google searches are employment related. The social media site LinkedIn is used by 89% of professional staffing agency recruiters to hire an employee. Facebook and Twitter were used by 26% and 15% of recruiters respectively. Those recruiters who used social media to hire an employee found a 49% improvement in quality over candidates sourced through traditional recruiting channels. In order to increase the hiring potential of any business, it may be necessary to outsource hiring to a temp agency.

Hiring a Staffing Company For Your Nonprofit Jobs

Nonprofit organizations include religious organizations, educational facilities, human services and grant-making foundations, and health care companies. In 2012, foundations were able to give an accumulated $50.9 billion to their causes: 80% of those donations in 2012 were from individual donors, 4% came from corporations, and 16% came from other nonprofit organizations. When it comes to hiring, nonprofit companies typically don’t have a lot of free capital to spend on recruitment — this is where a nonprofit staffing agency comes in. These nonprofit search firms can find local workers who take the nonprofit organization’s mission to heart. Whether you’re looking for a rewarding job or trying to find employees that care, nonprofit search firms are there to help both parties meet.

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