The Proper Care and Feeding for Your Fans

Commercial roof exhaust fan

All bathrooms need a good amount of ventilation. When moisture is allowed to remain in any part of a business or home, it can do a whole host of bad things to the building. Moisture is the playing ground of most mold. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has found thousands of kinds of mold. All of them are bad for human health. Moisture that has been allowed to accumulate can also result in warped wood doors, peeling and damaged paint and rust. Many people have exhaust fans and duct fans to whisk this away.

Proper maintenance of these duct fans will make a big difference in how well they operate and how well they keep areas, such as bathrooms dry and clean. They can also keep those areas smelling bad and remove any pollutants or allergens. These fans make any home or business a healthier place and can make a big difference for people with asthma, allergies or other breathing problems.

One key to keeping a home or business a healthy place for people to be is to keep the duct fans working the way they are supposed to. Proper maintenance is a vital part of this. A lot of the proper maintenance techniques involves paying attention to the fans and how they are working. Here are some maintenance tips:

Haver your fans checked. At least once a year, your duct fans need to be checked out. Make sure you turn off all of the power to the fan before any work is even started. If you find that your fan is not working the way it should, it may need maintenance to be done on the unit more often than once a year.

How you clean your fan is determined by the age of the duct fans. There is a different procedure for older fans than for newer ones.

How you need to clean older fans: Most older exhaust fans that are in bathrooms have fan grills that are joined to the fan housing unit with screws. Remove the screws to gain access to the fan housing unit and the fan itself. You should take your time and clean everything. This includes the grill. To get all of the dust and dirt out of the fan housing, you should use a vacuum. Then take a damp sponge or cloth and wipe it down. This can be useful to get rid of any excess build up that you find. The motor shaft will need to be oiled when you are done.

How you need to clean newer fans: Screws or tensioned metal springs are used most often to attach the fan grill to the fan housing unit. You should disconnect and lower the grill. Just as you would do with older fans, newer fans should be vacuumed and then wiped down with a damp rag or sponge. The main difference between the older and newer fans is that you do not need to oil the newer fans.

Keep an eye on your ductwork and ventilation. You will need to make sure the exhaust fan is getting rid of the moisture properly. This means it lets it out in a way that pushes it outside of your home or business. Sometimes there can be problems with the ducts and the moisture rich air ends up in a basement or attic or inside the building that is being protected. This defeats the purpose of the fans.

Check the cap. When you are looking at your ductwork and ventilation system, you should make sure the cap has been put in correctly. Check it for damage, has not been clogged with dust or dirt or has been obstructed with debris that prevents the proper discharge of the moist air. Any problems with the cap need to be dealt with promptly and efficiently. Problems with the cap can make your entire fan system useless. When the cap does not let moist air out, you will have a lot of problems with mold and other damage.

Having the right kind of exhaust fans and duct fans is only the first step in properly ventilating your business or home. Keeping that system maintained and cleaned properly will make a big difference.



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