The Portable Office Is In How Your Business Can Benefit From Using Repurposed Shipping Containers

Shipping container office

With every year construction gets smarter and faster.

Industrial shipping crates are leading multiple industries in combining efficiency with style, able to meet just about any demand and with money to spare. Modular housing is used by small businessowners and companies alike to ensure employees have the working conditions they need to get the job done. Any project that needs to be completed on the go will benefit greatly from a portable shipping container office. New hires that need a temporary location to work will greatly enjoy having a durable, weather resistant space to conduct their research. No matter what you need in the business pipeline, you’ll be glad to have container solutions by your side.

The Development Of Modular Housing

We’re seeing a housing shift unfolding in real time. Over 17 million Americans live in manufactured homes and more portable offices than ever are relying on the unique durability of industrial shipping containers to see completion. A modular home isn’t just efficient. It’s fast. Some are able to be built in a factory in as little as one to two weeks, keeping businesses moving forward without a hitch. From the shipping pipeline to a local business model, industrial shipping containers have a lot of mileage.


It pays to be eco-friendly…in more ways than one. Not only do you save money by actively giving back to your international manufacturing industries, you save on time. Alongside the aforementioned rapid development rate, reusing a single 40 inch container will recycle over 3,500 kg worth of steel. Compare this to the over 8,000 kg it would take to melt it down and convert it elsewhere. Containers are, through and through, a truly eco-friendly structure. Crafted from over 80% recyclable materials and highly efficient in every stage of its life, you can stay green no matter what.


What else do industrial shipping container solutions provide people? Durability. A steel shipping container’s average lifespan is 25 years with minimal upkeep. These structures are inherently weather resistant, require very little foundation and can be adjusted for temperature easily. Job site trailers are quickly falling out of favor for their short lifespan and constant need for regular maintenance. Compared to an industrial shipping crate, a job site trailer can barely last five years before its vinyl siding and wood start showing wear.


It’s common to associate ‘portable’ with ‘small’. Modular housing, however, are designed throughout the pipeline to accommodate all needs. A standard 20′ shipping container is able to hold up to 1,150 cubic feet total. A 40′ inch one boasts an impressive 2,700 cubic feet, to boot. For a better comparison, a 20′ container can hold nearly 3,600 shoe boxes. A 40′ high cube, as well, can hold over 8,000. This is perfect when you have multiple employees who need to divide their space while still having their unique needs addressed.

Crafting A Portable, Green, Flexible Work Space

It’s time for intensive, cramped and environmentally detrimental work spaces to come to an end. A good business pipeline should actively seek out ways to benefit everyone up and down the ladder, from the manufacturers who provide your materials to the employees who contribute their labor. Repurposed shipping containers go from transporting materials to providing adequate shelter to millions of people across the country. Recycling useful steel materials and tough enough to stand up to any season or weather change, they’re the perfect choice for the forward-thinking business.

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