The Need For The Post Office

Print certified mail label online

Postal service is an absolutely crucial organization in the United States as well as around the world, and there are more and newer ways of getting your mail where it needs to be than ever before, such as the ability to print postage online and the ability to print mailing labels online. With more than three hundred thousand mail carriers in the United States alone, the postal service is thriving and continuously growing. In fact, in 2016 there were more than one hundred thousand postal workers and more than four thousand people considered to be the first line supervisors of transportation as well as vehicle operators and material moving machine operators. Mailing something has become easier than ever before what with the ability to print postage online and the like, and more than thirty percent of all people in the United States describe feeling excitement at the prospect of getting physical mail.

There are many reasons that getting mail is important. First, of course, is that people receive important information frequently in the mail. For instance, important insurance policy forms are often send as physical copies through the mail. As an insurer will often be required to give at least thirty days notice before the cancellation of an insurance policy, a speedy and efficient mail service is a must to insure that the right information gets to the right person in the right amount of time. On a less serious note, many people not only print their coupons online but receive physical copies of coupons in the mail. Coupon clipping is a popular way of saving money in the United States, and significantly more than two billion coupons were redeemed in 2015 alone. The ability to print postage online can make it easier and more cost effective to send back important mail, something that is key when hard copies of documents need to be sent somewhere.

Having a hard copy of a piece of mail is important for many government services as well, such as getting your permit or driver’s license. The DMV, though it may vary slightly from state to state throughout the United States, typically requests at least two pieces of mail in order to verify an address and issue important documents and driver’s licenses. These two pieces of mail are also likely to be required for things such as the passport application process.

From the ability to print postage online to the requirement to bring in mail in order to get your driver’s license, the postal service has not only advanced but also remained important as well in recent years. Though more and more correspondences take place electronically and on online platforms like email sites and social media sites, the need for physical mail is still there. Many people are employed in some capacity in the postal service, filling a variety of much needed positions. We need the postal service still, and the postal service needs us.


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