The Main Types of Alternative Energy Today

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Why exactly are alternative energy companies becoming such a major part of the energy industry today? For two main reasons: alternative electricity for your home or business provides a cost savings for consumers in the immediate future, while the variety of energy sources allow for environmental savings in the long run.

As alternative power companies are given more opportunities to provide valuable resources to their customers, thanks in part to the deregulation of electricity markets, more effective and affordable energy sources become available. Here are just a few of the most common types of alternative power sources provided by energy companies today:

Solar Energy: Harnessing the natural power of solar rays from the sun, solar energy has been an important source of energy since before “power companies” were even a thing! Solar energy is used more often than any other alternative energy source globally.

Wind Energy: A bit less common (and reliable) than solar energy — but just as powerful — is wind-powered energy. This form of natural energy has actually been used for hundreds of years: think of how ships used their sails to navigate the seas, or how windmills in colonial times allowed farmers and shop owners to manage automated tasks (like grinding grains).

Geothermal Energy: Geothermal energy is easily one of the most powerful forms of energy today, and it can be found nearly anywhere. This energy source uses heat which is produced deep under the Earth’s surface, where molten rock and lava are constantly churning, and heat pumps convert this heat into steam so that it can power generators in homes and businesses. As long as the Earth keeps producing heat, this form of energy has the possibility of remaining renewable indefinitely.

There are several other types of power sources which alternative energy companies are starting to tap into — and it’s never too early to start learning about these sources and deciding if you might benefit from them!

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