The Importance Of Wood Products

If you look around you, you’ll likely see any number of wood products in use. From wood pallets Florida and in the rest of the country to the use of things like wood furniture and even wooden elements of decor, wood is everywhere. In some cases, we even use wood for things like plates and utensils. We use wood for many of the structural components of our homes as well. In small amounts, wood can even make up some of the decorative elements of our cars. For a long time now, wood has very much been a staple product in the world as we know it – and will only continue to be so for many years to come as well.

Fortunately, the source for our wood products is quite the vast one indeed, more vast than many people are likely even actually aware of. For instance, up to a full one quarter of all land found throughout the United States can produce timber used for commercial purposes and other such uses. In addition to this, there are more than 745 million acres of forest land found all throughout the United States alone, let alone elsewhere in the world where some of the other wood used is sourced from. Of this forest land, only around 8% is considered to be global forest land. Around one third (33%, to be just a bit more precise) of this land is also considered to be U.S. land area.

But much of the forest land found all throughout this country is actually not public land but owned privately instead, something that certainly might come as something of a surprise to a great many people found all throughout the country. In fact, around 10 million private land owners actually own more than half of all forest land found throughout the country – around 58% of it, if you’re looking to be more precise. Only a mere 13% or so is actually owned by the industry of forest products. This means that much of the wood that is produced by the forest industry and the like is in a small percentage of wood products found throughout the country. Most are produced by small business ventures, then, and are much more likely to be in support of local business and communities, from wood pallets Florida to used pallets Georgia to pallets for sale in just about any part of this country in its entirety.

Supporting the small business producing things like wood pallets Florida is hugely important for a number of reasons. For one thing, it helps to keep up the demand for this forest space, space that is quickly dwindling with the passage of time. Unfortunately, much of the space in this country that was once taken up by forest land is now very much not that, thanks to the spread of urbanization and other such things. And this trend is only likely to continue, as has been represented by the data that has been recently gathered on the subject. This data quite clearly shows that around 17 million acres of forest will be lost in the next five decades alone, let alone in so many of the years that are ahead past it. Supporting small businesses and buying things like wood pallets Florida that have been made from American wood can certainly help such matters. Even the purchase of something as minor as wood pallets Florida can really end up making a difference in the long run, more of a difference than you might think.

Ultimately, supporting small business selling wood products like wood pallet Florida is also ideal for supporting US ventures as well, including the economy. For many small businesses, cash flow is critical, as such businesses are hugely important indeed, making up more than 99% of all the businesses operating out of the United States. At the current date, for a matter of fact, there are more than 28 billion of them around the country, many selling everything from wood pallets Florida to wood pallets Tampa to wood pallets Atlanta. To support our forests and our small businesses, make sure to buy locally soured wood products as much as possible.

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