The Importance of Properly Constructed Electronics for Global Communication

How much do you know about our reliance on cables, satellites, and other electronics in our day-to-day lives? You may not consider how frequently you use items such as a data transmission cable or other electronic tools and cables, but they are an important part of how we communicate with one another and interact with electronics. Without tools that function properly and safely, our lives would be greatly impacted.

Interested in learning more about how everything from a data transmission cable to a circuit breaker impact your daily life? Keep reading for three ways that these electronics play a part in how you communicate and how you live.

3 Ways Electronics and Other Tools Impact Your Daily Life

1. Electronics for communication

Everytime you pick up your cell phone, you rely on electronics and satellites to use your phone. It probably does not cross your mind with each call you make or text you send, but these components must all function correctly in order for your phone to work as you need it to.

Satellites are one component of a telephone or cell phone that allow them to work properly. Over the past three decades, global communication has come to rely on satellites. It was actually a science fiction author who first came to the realization that we could rely on satellites as a form of communication. His paper published in 1945 demonstrated that we could use an orbiting relay station in space to bounce communication signals off.

Another interesting tidbit about our reliance on satellites comes from the year 1998 when pagers were still frequently in use. The Galaxy 4 satellite experienced a failure. Due to this, more than 80% of pagers used on Earth were not functioning properly which impacted communication globally.

2. Cables created properly for home construction

Throughout your home, there are a wide variety of cables that help all your electronics work as they are intended to. For instance, you likely have at least one data transmission cable running in your house. While you surely appreciate having these cables so that you can access certain electronics, it is important that they are installed safely and properly.

Luckily, over the last 50 years, homes have been built much safer when it comes to cables. Nowadays, non-metallic sheathed cables are used in most homes. This type of cable is covered in a plastic sheath so it is less likely to result in an electrical accident in your home.

Unfortunately, electrical hazards still occur somewhat frequently in the United States. For instance, statistics show that each year there are more than 4,000 injuries and around 300 deaths due to electrical accidents. When it comes to workplace deaths, electrocution is the sixth leading cause in America.

3. Cables and satellites must be built to withstand high temperatures

In order for these satellites and cables used in communication globally and in your home to work properly, they must be constructed to withstand many conditions.

Satellites are constructed of many different electronics and components. Each of these must be able to survive extreme conditions like high temperatures and other situations that occur in space. As of recently, there are a total of 8,000 satellites that orbit the earth. Due to the proper construction of these satellites, only one has ever been destroyed due to a meteor.

Another way that cables like a data transmission cable are constructed to be safe is that they can withstand heat. For example, the ROUNDIT 2000 FR is a specifics sleeving for cables. It is created with flame retardant items that help it to endure both low and high temperatures. This specific sleeving can be in temperatures below -50 degrees Celsius and temperatures up to 125 degrees Celsius.

While you may not be particularly interested in the details of how to create satellites, cables, and other electrical components, you can appreciate how much works goes into making sure global communication does not fail. Without the continued efforts to improve these items, the way we communicate today would drastically change.

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