The Importance Of Ice Cream To The People Of The United States

From the used ice cream machine to the yogurt machine, frozen desserts are incredibly popular no matter where you might go in the United States. Frozen desserts are perfect at all times of the year, from a scoop of ice cream with your pumpkin pie at Thanksgiving to a quickly melting cone of the stuff on a hot June day. Arguably, however, ice cream and other frozen treats like gelato and frozen yogurt are by and large most popular during the summer months, when having a frozen dessert is the perfect way to beat the heat.

Ice cream is one of the most popular frozen treats out there, and it comes in a wide variety of unique and interesting flavors – a favorite out there for everyone. However, vanilla ice cream remains the oldest and most popular standby, with more than twenty five percent of ice cream consumers preferring vanilla over any other flavor in the world. In fact, vanilla ice cream is so very popular that it even has its own day of celebration and commemoration – June twenty third is celebrated as national vanilla day in places all around the country. Ice cream is in part so popular because of its incredibly rich and decadent flavors. This can be attributed to the fact that ice cream must have at least ten percent milk fat content in order to actually be officially considered as ice cream, and some ice creams will even have a milk fat content of as much as eighteen percent.

While this milk fat content lends to some delicious flavors, it is far from healthy. Those who are looking to eat something cold and frozen but a little more on the health conscious side might instead choose to eat some soft serve ice cream, as its milk fat content is only around three percent to six percent in total. Alongside hard ice cream, soft serve ice cream is incredibly popular in the United States, though it did not necessarily start out this way. Decades in the past, in the 1970s and the 1980s, soft serve ice cream was made using raw eggs. This ingredient allowed for the spread of food borne illness, causing many people to become ill even to the point of needing to be hospitalized. Fortunately, however, there is no need to fear your soft serve ice cream now, as soft serve no longer includes any kind of raw egg ingredient. In fact, soft serve ice cream has even exceeded hard ice cream in popularity, with as much as seventy percent of the ice cream eating population choosing soft serve when given the choice.

Sherbet can also provide a more healthful option than hard ice cream and soft serve alike, as sherbet usually only has a fat content of around one percent to two percent. Some sherbet flavors can even be used as the vegan and dairy free alternative to ice creams, as many different types of sherbet or sorbet will not include milk and will be based more so around the fruit that is incorporated inside of it.

Frozen desserts can be enjoyed in many different places, from ice cream parlors to fairs to your very own home. If you like cooking and baking, you might even consider investing in a used ice cream machine. A used ice cream machine such as a taylor ice cream machine or even a taylor soft serve ice cream machine is likely to be easier to use than you realize, making the used ice cream machine a sound investment. A used ice cream machine is, of course, a great way to save on the costs of a brand new ice cream machine, as it will be offered at a discounted price. Using a used ice cream machine can be a great way to inspire family bonding and is likely to even save you money spent on the ice cream in the long run. After all, here in the United States we love ice cream, eating it as many as twenty eight times in just one year, if not even more frequently than that.

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